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Next Seminar with Lin Housheng is in Baden Baden Germany on September 24 and 25, 2016 with below link
 Lin Housheng(林厚省)
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Former Director of East China Office to the United States
  • China's Central Ministry of Health, Former major science and technology awards judge
  • Shanghai Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  Former business director and clinic chief physician
  • Pioneered Qigong Anesthesia (won National First Prize)
  • Invented Qigong therapy device (won International Gold Award)
  • International Information Institute, President
  • San Diego State University, Former Visiting Scholar 
  • International Qigong Association, Chairman
Professor Lin is the forerunner of Qigong external qi healing, qigong anesthesia pioneer of the world.  National Science and Technology Progress winner by the first prize. He is a pioneer in researching the characteristic of Qigong's materialism, Creator of Tai Chi Qigong eighteenth movements (also called SHIBASHI).  He also invented qigong information therapy instrument, which was rewarded as gold prize at medical equipment trade fair in 1989. He wrote more than a dozen books related to Qigong and medical Qigong.

Lin Housheng was given popular lectures about Qigong and SHIBASHI in China, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Japan and Southeast Asia.  

As a Living treasure, Professor Lin has 4 major achievements in Qigong, and those are:

1. Researched and Discovered Qi's Materialism.  His research article was published in Shanghai Nature Magazine and later was requoted by the England's Nature Magazine in 1978.

2. Professor is the only one in this world that can operate Qigong Anesthesia.  

3. Professor Lin created Taigi Qigong 18 movements series (108 movements),  combining Taiji's slow and even movements with Qigong's continuous breathing and meditation.  Currently, over 10 million people around the world are practicing this exercise.  Even some Southeast Asian countries promote it as national health exercise.

4. Professor Lin invented Qi therapy instrument, using the bionic technology.