Time Line of Achievements

1978 Published the first Qigong Thesis "The preliminary test results on Material Basis of Qigong Therapy Method" at Shanghai's first Nature Magazine (May 1978).

1979 Live reported on Qigong at China's State Council (Beijing) to 3 Deputy Prime Ministers and over 300 scientists.

1979 First time combined Taiji Quan and Qigong, created Taiji Qigong 18 movements (set one).

1980 Wrote the first Qigong book after the Chinese Culture Revelution, called "Qigong makes health", published by Guangdong Science Publisher.

1980 Given lectures on Qigong and 18 movements at the International Qigong Training Seminar in Guangdong Zhongshan Medical Institute

1980 Successfully implemented Qigong Anesthesia on thyroid tumor removal operation, later was also implemented on stomach surgeries.

1982 Invented Qigong information therapy device in cassatt tape format and was approved by Bureau of  Chinese Ministry of Health.