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Taigi Qigong 18 Movements Brief Tutorial 


 A. Overview

Eighteen-style Tai Chi Qigong Tai Chi is the basis for the tone the body, strengthen physical guidance activities to promote the body's metabolism; to the natural deep abdominal breathing is the interest rate adjustment method; to positive ideas that would like a variety of flowers, sea, mountains, forests, parks and other features of the physical health benefits for the self-aligning method; thus a balanced physical and psychological adjustment, and promote the meridians clear, strong bones, blood reconcile the yin and yang balance, a happy and peaceful, to cure the sick, disease-free physical , The role of longevity.

Teaching and training is very particular about the physical and mental relaxation, loose and leave the heart and the mind along energy transport inside human body, is a set of overall physical and mental health training methods.

Eighteen-style Tai Chi Qigong is Professor Lin Housheng position according to the grace of tai chi (body tone) and the interest rate adjustment of qigong (breathing) and the aligning of qigong meditation in 1980 made a new type of directed health care movement.

He spent twenty years in China, the United States, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Australia, Britain, France, Germany and many other countries and regions, from the national newspapers and magazines, seminars the meeting was informed that eighteen-style Tai Chi Qigong on human insomnia, periarthritis, asthma, diabetes, back pain, coronary heart disease, irregular menstruation, neurosis, ulcers, arthritis, headaches disease, high blood pressure, obesity, emphysema, etc. can play a role in health care, which proved through eighth-style Tai Chi Qigong exercise, can improve the body's resistance and immunity, enhance physical fitness, improved  health, can play in good health effect.

Eighteen-style Tai Chi Qigong since 1980 compose at home and abroad pay attention to the health of people caused widespread concern. The international promotion of the United Nations Secretariat for approval to the world.

At present, in December 2009 by the Chinese Ministry of Education and approved by the Ministry of Health Traditional Chinese Medicine into the new century, Chinese institutions of higher national planning materials - "Chinese Health Study."

B.  Exercise Feature

1, The movements are simple, easy to grasp, comfortable and safe

2, Slow, uniform consistency

3, Qi go hand in hand, one Godhead

4, Movement stretch, a big margin

5, Static, there are dynamic, moving in a static

6, For the sick and chronic disease exercise

7, Mobilize their own potential, cure, disease-free physical

 C.  The basic principles of exercise

1, Do not give up halfway

2, Maintain the correct posture practice

3, Note the role of consciousness and breathing

4, Note the "interior strength" of the exercise

5, Action, relaxed, and continual

6, Choose the appropriate environment and other